Carrot Dirt Does the Work

All juice no filler. A benefit of choosing Carrot Dirt is the amount of time saved. The time saving is two fold. You can drop by, pick up juice and get right back to life. Much like you save time and energy from avoiding the grocery store, making the juice, and cleaning up afterwards, your body saves time and energy when you choose our juice. As juice contains no fiber to break down, your digestive system is allowed to rest and the juice gets to work sending nutrients into your blood and throughout your body.

Why the Norwalk Juicer?

The Norwalk Juicer is what makes Carrot Dirt Organic Juice not only tasty, but also highly enzyme and nutrient dense. The Norwalk Juicer uses a two-stage process that, first, creates a moist pulp then, uses hydraulic pressure to thoroughly extract the best possible juice. By using high pressure, instead of heat or fast spinning blades, the Norwalk keeps the juice full of nutrients and active enzymes while devoid of air and heat. When air is introduced into the juice quality destroying oxidation occurs. This is the same event that causes a sliced apple to turn brown. The extreme pressure generated by the Norwalk Juicer also allows for a more complete juice extraction compared to juice extracted from a centrifugal juicer.

Why Cold Pressed Juice?

Raw, unheated, pure, juice is what makes Carrot Dirt special. Heat kills nutrients thus leaving a sorry excuse for a juice. Juice that is Cold Pressed retains the most nutrients and enzymes. This means you are drinking a higher quality product. Carrot Dirt offers premium juice not only from a taste standpoint, but also in the form of substantial health benefits.

Why Organic?

We strive to offer the most nutrient dense juice, smoothies, and salads. We feel this can only be accomplished with organic fruits and veggies. Organic foods are just as nature would produce, free of synthetic pesticides and all manner of chemicals.

Why does our juice have a 3-day shelf life?

After 72 hours, the living nutrients in our cold-pressed juice begin to die.

Is our juice pasteurized?

No. Pasteurization kills enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Is anything added to your juice?

No, it is 100% unprocessed juice. It contains no added sugar, water, etc.

Why does the juice separate?

It is natural for our juices and nut milks to separate. We do not add preservatives. Simply give them a few shakes and you are ready to drink!

What is a low glycemic index food?

The glycemic index has been used for decades in ranking how quickly carbohydrate-containing foods are digested and effect blood-sugar levels. The scale is based on 0-100. The lower the number, the slower the food is digested producing a more gradual change in blood sugar levels.

What are activated almonds?

It is believed that activating, aka, soaking the almonds, for 12-24 hours decreases the amount of Phytate. Almonds contain a phytochemical called Phytate or Phytic Acid, which binds to minerals such as iron and zinc. This causes the body to have a difficult time in absorbing these minerals. This is why we always use activated almonds.

Why plastic bottles?

We use plastic because of the ease of recycling in our area. Fort Smith and the surrounding areas do not yet offer glass recycling programs.