About Us

Carrot Dirt Organics, Inc.


To provide the most nutrient packed, organic juices in order to foster a more healthy community.

Carrot Dirt Organics, Inc.


To drive our community to become the preeminent example for a well balanced healthy lifestyle.

Carrot Dirt developed from the idea that people not only desire, but also deserve to live an energized and well-balanced lifestyle. Carrot Dirt strives to fill the balance from the inside.

The idea, for Carrot Dirt, stems from a health-conscious housewife who loves to experiment with juice concoctions in the kitchen. Starting with carrot, her favorite juice, then branching out, juicing quickly became her passion.

In wanting the best for her husband and mother, who both suffer from genetic diseases, she began to research the most beneficial ingredients. After some time and a lot of tasting, recipes were crafted. With the house feeling vitalized, Carrot Dirt began to transition from a nickname for carrot juice into an endeavor that she wanted to share with everyone. She calls this movement “Vitality in a Bottle.”

Organic juice provides endless benefits and we, at Carrot Dirt, want our community to have access to them. All Organic ingredients are used in variety of juices, nutrient packed nut-milks, smoothies, and salads, which are made fresh daily. The organic juice can be a wonderful meal replacement or go-to snack to get an allotment of much-needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. With Carrot Dirt doing all the work, we will help you secure your roots in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it—not to mention your palate.